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  • Why should I invest in digital marketing?
    Millions of people spend time online, search online, buy online, or book online. Being visible where people search, buy or book is critical to reaching new leads. The number of people buying or booking online continuously grows, too. Compared to traditional marketing (TV, radio, billboard, newspaper, etc.), digital marketing also enables advertisers with small budgets to promote their business effectively.
  • What kind of services do you offer?
    I offer ongoing management for search marketing, performance marketing, and growth marketing as a Google Partner. I don't provide services such as social media management, and content production. Here, I also would like to emphasize the importance of a digital marketing strategy based on your business industry. Each business is different and what is great for one business might be mediocre for another one. Let me elaborate more. Instagram ads could be the best strategy for one business (i.e. fashion boutique), and may not work for another business (ie. business software). Youtube might be the correct medium for some, but could be ineffective for others. As we have such broad options to choose from, a marketer's strategy should be the prioritization and then plan the campaigns for focus platforms. Otherwise, you might be spending lots of advertising budget but your return on investment could be very limited if not zero.
  • Do you provide social media management services?
    No. Social media management heavily depends on content production, video shooting, and copywriting tasks. Such tasks require different expertise that converges with traditional marketing expertise. Performance marketing, growth marketing, and search marketing require more of an analytical approach compared to traditional marketing, and I prefer to focus on the mathematical aspects of digital marketing. Please also keep in mind that if you are a small business, you may choose to do these internally, which may save you money and time, because outsourced agencies may not have the special expertise on your topics, and either way you will be the one who prepares the most of the content. With the latest smartphones, you may shoot almost professional-level videos or photos.
  • Why work with me?
    I focus on the analytical aspects of digital marketing. If you just look for more followers, or social media management, I am not the correct freelancer for your business. If you focus on lead generation for your business by being visible to people who are already searching for your products or services, let’s have a chat.
  • There are agencies and freelancers who charge less than you do, why?
    I advise my clients to compare the opportunity costs. You may pay less for a service, but you may not get a similar level of performance. Let’s say you work with an agency that charges 20% less; if your campaigns are not configured correctly, you may end up spending way more than that 20% for your ads. Oftentimes, just one wrong configuration may cause your ad spending to easily double if not triple. Please also keep in mind that ad platforms (i.e. Google Ads) are optimized for big advertisers. So, the ad platform’s automation tends to perform well with huge budgets, not with small budgets.
  • How much advertising budget should I spend?
    Depends on many factors including but not limited to your staff's availability, stock levels, gross margins, etc. Reach out to me for an introduction meeting, and let's have a talk.
  • Should I have a website? Having a social media account is enough?
    Having a website has a range of benefits. One of the most important benefits is that a personal website signals your audience that your brand is strong enough at what you do to invest in your own brand. Almost every business has social media account, but not all of them have a website. Secondly, your website acts as your online storefront. Let me explain more. You have a local business at a prominent location in your neighborhood. People walk by your store every day and see your storefront. However, the foot traffic in this neighborhood is most probably very limited compared to traffic you can reach and attract online. Last but not least, you can simplify lots of details about your business with a website. You can reach millions of people (potential customers, or clients), start a blog, showcase your work, answer frequently asked questions, or accept appointments online.
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