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About Me

Professional Summary

I graduated from Bosphorus University in 2012.

During my study, I started to work part time, and worked for Microsoft, IBM, and Intel for almost 2 years.

Upon graduation, I joined Intel Corporation as Sales and Marketing Manager. I worked 7 years for Intel and managed e-commerce channel, and developed creative digital marketing campaigns to grow sales.

After 7 years at Intel, I decided to embark on a new journey, and joined Eczacıbaşı Consumer Goods as Head of E-Commerce, and managed the sell-through with e-commerce customers including but not limited to, Getir,,, eBay, and

After 1.5 years at Eczacıbaşı Consumer Goods, I took an opportunity to work for a start-up, and joined Kunduz, a YC S18 start-up. I continued my start-up journey by joining to TeamGram, Canada based CRM company, in 2021.

BAHADIR BULBUL 2_edited.jpg

Once you experience start-up spirit, you look for more. With 10+ years of experience from a chip giant to FMCG conglomerate and start-ups, I decided to start my own business and offer digital marketing services to my clients.

If you want to grow your business with the power of digital, let's get in touch!



Boğaziçi University

BSc. in Computer Engineering


İzmir Fen Lisesi


Digital Marketing Strategy  Performance Marketing   

 Campaign Management    Search Marketing 
Social Media Marketing 
  Pay Per Click Campaigns  


Google Ads Search Certification

Google, May 2022

Google Shopping Ads Certification

Google, June 2022

Google Ads Video Certification

Google, June 2022

Google Ads Measurement Certification

Google, June 2022

Managing the Company of the Future

London Business School, April 2018

Emerging Leaders in a Digital Age

INSEAD, June 2018

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