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The digital marketing.
Use the power of digital to grow your business.

About me

I studied computer engineering at Boğaziçi University (#1 in Turkey), and graduated in 2012.

I started working during college and worked for different companies including but not limited to Intel, Microsoft, IBM, and Eczacıbaşı. After 10+ years experience in the corporate world, I started my own consultancy business. I have extended experience in e-commerce and I offer digital marketing consultancy for businesses of all sizes and different sectors.

Bahadır Bülbül - freelancer boğaziçi university.jpg

I provide digital marketing services to all sizes of businesses

Good advice is critical for all sizes of businesses, especially to those with limited budgets.

You might be looking for growth areas or ways to reaching new customers or clients.

Get in touch to meet and learn what we can achieve together.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Growth Marketing 

Performance Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Campaign Management 

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Social Media Advertisement

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