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What is Impulse Buying? Why is it important?

An unplanned, impulse purchase that is influenced by certain stimuli (example: an ad you see on Instagram).

Examples: Buying a sweater, trousers or shoes that you see in an advertisement or at the checkout.

One of the most important concepts for professional advertisers is "Impulse Buying".

Professional advertisers know which products or services can be bought on impulse and which are not. Accordingly, they use different channels.

For example, even if you have 10 sweaters, when you see a nice sweater in an Instagram ad, you may impulsively buy your 11th sweater at that moment. If it is said that there is a 20% discount on toilet paper at the checkout, you probably think that I should also buy toilet paper; but if it is said that there is a 20% discount on computers, your

probability of buying a computer is very low.

If you have a working refrigerator in your home, you won't get a 2nd one just because you saw it in Instagram ads. For this reason, you don't see many refrigerator ads on media like Instagram.

Unfortunately, most small businesses don't know these differences and spend unnecessary advertising in the wrong place.

You can contact me to discuss the most efficient digital marketing strategy and channels for your business.

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